Affordable websites

We build mobile-friendly, beautiful sites that reflect your needs.

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Social Media

Social media is one of the most important things to get right with your website.

Share your content easily on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – all of your favourite social sites.

We will manage your social media accounts or you can use the tools we provide with your website.

Get social with Rija Media,.

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Search Engine Optimisation.

Get higher in the Google search rankings by following common sense suggestions in your website’s control panel.

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Web Hosting

Select the plan that suits your needs best, from small beginner websites to full ecommerce hosting.

Choose Rija Media hosting for reliability, security, speed and value for money.

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Digital Marketing

We will leverage the power of the Internet to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Our methods include content marketing, email marketing, influencer / affiliate marketing and viral marketing.

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Services for your website
Pay for just what you need

If you need to have a contact form, map or survey adding to your website or you wish to turn it into a full ecommerce site we offer a wide range of services with simple clear pricing to make it as easy as possible.

We provide an extensive range of website services. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Our skilled graphic artists will bring your products and ideas to life.

From designing your stationery to a full exhibition package, we will do it all!

We are also experts in printing and merchandising – contact us for all your needs.

We can take the strain of dealing with printers and external designers for you.

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Fast response times.

Your time is valuable, so why take months to build a site? We’ll get your content and images online quickly.


Built using WordPress.

We will build your website using WordPress – the most popular, easiest to use web site builder ever.


Mobile friendly website.

All of our websites look great on mobile phones, tablets, PCs & Macs. Your website will perform perfectly.