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As the most premier web design company in Manchester, RijaMedia have sourced the best people to provide the specialist media services our clients demand. Through advanced and innovative new media internet marketing solutions we have what it takes to enhance your corporate image and increase your sales. RijaMedia provide bespoke website design, SEO, e-mail marketing campaigns & company branding to very high standards.

Dynamic Form Drop Down (Option - Select) menu in PHP + MySQL

Makes use of: PHP MySQL HTML Use PHP to create dynamic drop down menus from data stored in a MySQL database PHP is great fun to work with, it's even more fun when you can use i…

The best PNG fix for IE6

Unfortunately, the web design world’s most hated browser, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), is still used by enough of our clients potential audience that we still have to make exceptions in our coding and d…

Our Favourite WordPress Plugins for 2011

The development team at Rija Media (having used WordPress as our blogging platform of choice for over three years) have compiled a list of what we consider to be very useful WordPress plugins that may…

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