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As the most premier web design company in Manchester, RijaMedia have sourced the best people to provide the specialist media services our clients demand. Through advanced and innovative new media internet marketing solutions we have what it takes to enhance your corporate image and increase your sales. RijaMedia provide bespoke website design, SEO, e-mail marketing campaigns & company branding to very high standards.

Why bother with blogging?

This is one of the questions people are always asking me. the simple answer is that it's the easiest way to add new content and keep your website fresh. Adding blog posts is essential for good …

Check out Google trends

Google trends is a fascinating way to find out what the world is searching for. Visit Google trends and Google will give you a fascinating digest of all the latest trends. These can help in your pr…

Dynamic Date Dropdown Select Menu in PHP

Makes use of: PHP HTML Use PHP to create dynamic drop down menu for date selection Here is a snippet of PHP code to create a dynamic form field containing day, month and year se…

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