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Google's Rich Snippets – Developer Tip + Code

Google has recently been experimenting with ingenious features, it’s what they do best. Improving and perfecting their algorithms is what keeps them number one, while keeping all SEOs on their toes.

Today, Google have announced they’re slowly integrating a new system to allow websites with ratings for products, services or anything ranked with a star system voted for by users, to display this rating in the S.E.R.Ps. (search engine results pages).

Using this method, a result will look like this:
SERP using Rich Snippets

According to their experiment statistics, providing this extra information increases CTR (click through rates) by quite a margin. Good news for both Google, who will be providing even better quality results for the query, based on what previous human users thought of the pages it’s about to send you too, and for webmasters who benefit from this increased CTR.

Hinting to Google the results to display is quite easy. Yet just because the coding is in place, doesn’t mean Google will make use of it straight away, or at all. As algorithms that control this feature get better, using other information to judge whether the rating(s) are reliable or not are implemented and improved over time.

The “indicator” code is a simple double nested div with a pair of classes named in a standard way.
The illustration demonstrates this, second image, with the new “indicator” code in place.

Without Code

And with the additional div tags…

With Code

In summary, the idea is for webmasters to begin wrapping their page, product, video or article ratings code with the above named divs. A breeze to implement on dynamically driven websites. A find / replace will work wonders for flat file websites too.

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