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Can you afford to employ a web designer?

In these hard times of austerity businesses are keeping overheads to an absolute minimum.

Every small business knows how inportant a website is, but not all small businesses can afford to employ a full time web designer.

Rija group can help solve this problem – for a small monthly fee we will maintain & update your website as and when you require.

Please contact us for information – we are flexible and will help keep you online and up to date.

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Why bother with blogging?

This is one of the questions people are always asking me.

the simple answer is that it’s the easiest way to add new content and keep your website fresh.

Adding blog posts is essential for good SEO (search engine optimisation.) I always tell clients that if they want to attract customers from their local area, the best way is simply to add blog posts about what their business is doing and make sure that as well as using keywords related to their business they should include their local areas.

For example, a dance studio we work with now get lots of local enquiries because they post blog articles & include “Stockport” “Heaton Mersey” “South Manchester” etc in the text. It’s incredible how quickly Google indexes these blog posts and over time this strategy can make your business occupy the first few places in Google when someone searches for your goods & services & includes the local area in their search query (eg dance studio stockport.) Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

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Check out Google trends

Google trends is a fascinating way to find out what the world is searching for.

Visit Google trends and Google will give you a fascinating digest of all the latest trends. These can help in your professional & business life or (like me) you can just spend hours finding out what’s hot and what’s not!

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Dynamic Date Dropdown Select Menu in PHP

Makes use of:

  • PHP
  • HTML

Use PHP to create dynamic drop down menu for date selection

Here is a snippet of PHP code to create a dynamic form field containing day, month and year selection fields.

The PHP code below consists of a simple function which you can echo from within your form to give it date fields dynamically. The year can go all the way up to the current year, or can be limited by an age requirement.

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